Monday, September 18, 2006

Tilli Tomas Yarn

Sarah's Yarns: Tilli Tomas Conclusion

I'd never even heard of this yarn before I checked the Knitting community at my LJ. Now that I've read the full story-this link is the conclusion-I won't be buying this yarn-not that I can afford to buy any high-end yarn except on rare occasions.

Their comment about Lion Brand really set me off-Lion Brand makes some very nice yarns-in fact, I just made myself a guitar strap with their Suede that I absolutely love. I still have to frog it back a little and redo it since I didn't account enough for the stretch but I like it otherwise. I'll post a picture as soon as I get it the way I like it.

I think I'll also give Sarah's website a look-see as soon as I have time-the new season of CSI:Miami is starting ;)


Anonymous said...

Uggghhh. So sorry about the Lion Brand reference. I didn't mean to offend. Lion Brand is just a diffent type of yarn. Bad idea to use that comparison! I love Lion Brand for some projects too! Anyway, the comment did not come from TT -- it came from me, a humble consumer who having run a yarn shop for many years understands how what Sarah is doing hurts the entire retail segment. I think you would have to be in the business to understand. Many high end brands don't sell to discounters. TT is doing nothing wrong. I know they do allow "sales." They just don't want one retailer to be the sole supplier of their product. And that's what was happening here. Sarah was being greedy. TT wants all retailers to be able to carry and enjoy their product successfully. It's hard running a yarn shop! Sorry again.

steph_knits said...

To anonymous: If that's the case then TT should have outlined that in their sales agreement when signing Sarah on as a retailer (I've worked in distribution; I know how it works) and they shouldn't have been cowards about dropping her.

Chatty said...

Well, I for one can only afford high end yarn very infrequently and not very much of it then. Unless I can catch a sale of it I can only use Red Hear, Lion Brand, Caron, etc-if I want to crochet or knit and I don't see anything wrong with people who use them, my mother only crocheted with Red Heart herself.

Guess I'm just not a yarn snob-I love the expensive yarns but I can't pay the price they ask for them-even if it's worth every penny. Us poor people just use what we can get.

Anonymous said...

if retailers feel they are being run out of business, maybe they could consider NOT taking a 100% profit on yarns like TT.
I don't think sarah was being greedy at all - she was trying to bring her customers a good price, becasue she thought she could. apparantly she was wrong since elitists like TT insist on overcharging for thier yarn.
i understand that some yarns will cost more than others, but $10 more becuase of some sequins?? that seems ridiculous to me, especially when the $28 price tag was already grossly inflated.