Wednesday, December 07, 2011


I love crocheting fingerless mitts, as you can see from some of my previous posts. They allow me to keep my hands warm while leaving my fingers free to type, knit or crochet.

However, my husband does not like them. He told me he wants gloves, with fingers in them. I've scoured Crochetpatterncentral and Knittingpatterncentral and while I've saved some patterns to try out later, I wanted to do him some gloves *now*, not have to go to the store and buy yarn and needles (likely I'd have to order the needles anyway).

So I've picked some yellow Simply Soft from my stash and crochet hooks and I am working on something. I'm writing it down as I go and will put it up on my pattern blog as soon as I'm finished. A word of warning-they will not be easy for a beginner, most likely you'll have to be an intermediate crocheter or better to make them.

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