Thursday, December 08, 2011

Glove in Progress

As you can see from the bad picture (I used my phone and that's my hand so it shows the flash pretty bad), I've gotten two fingers completed. I've started on the middle finger and then I'll just have the index finger and  thumb left to do on the main glove.  I'm pretty sure there's a pattern out there similar to this one, but, as I said, I couldn't find one using yarn/hooks I already had.

You'll notice there's no ribbing on the wrist. That's because I haven't done any yet. The glove itself comes about an inch below the hand, which, while a bit  unplanned, is something I find I like. All those other gloves which have the ribbing come directly to the bottom of the hand before shaping glove I find are a bit uncomfortable anyway.

I plan to use a technique that I found on the web a few years back, which is actually similar to a method I'd developed  myself, to attach the ribbing. Essentially, it will be crocheted onto the bottom of the glove and then the two ends crocheted together. I'll be using a hook two sizes smaller than the one I did the glove with to do this with so that the ribbing will be snug.

I will attempt to write out how I did this, but it will still either entail lots of trying on or really good measuring of the hand that the glove will be going on to make this glove.

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