Thursday, December 08, 2011

Four fingers and half a thumb

Not a bad-looking glove for not using a pattern. There are some things I found out though:

Thumb gussets are a must for a proper fit.
I like having the body of the glove come about an inch below the bottom of the hand.
You will frog, several times, before you get the look and fit that you want.

As I said, thumb gussets are a must, but you can still make ambidextrous gloves and use them, simply put your thumb gusset on one side of the glove and start your little finger on the other side, this way you won't have to worry about which glove goes on which hand, because it don't matter.

Why is the thumb being done in a darker pink? Two reasons. I'm about to run out of the light pink and I wanted you to see what the thumb looked like while it was being constructed. I'll be using the same darker pink in the wrist ribbing as well so that it will balance out. Why am I still working on the glove if I don't have any more of the light pink? It's a practice glove, it wasn't meant to have a mate. And no, I will not be wearing it a la Michael Jackson. It will simply sit as testament that yes, I can crochet a decent-looking glove, with fingers.

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