Friday, November 26, 2010

Pair of socks

Almost finished with a pair of socks I started in Bernat baby jacquard, color Petunia. I'm also almost through with a pair in the same yarn, color Boo Berries, which has been discontinued. I wish they hadn't done that, I like that color, but the Petunias is pretty too, though you can't see the flowers because I'm using much smaller needles than called for in that yarn, I'm just getting  pools of pink and yellow on a white background in that stripe.

The Petunias socks are turning out very nice, I'm doing the toes and heels in Bernat baby yarn as well, in purple, which contrasts well with the pinks of the stripes in the socks. The heels are Granny heels, where I use a small piece to knit off the heel stitches, then remove it when I get ready to do the heel and use the live stitches it exposes. I'm almost to the toes in the second sock, using the first to make sure I keep my stitch count the same. The Granny heel is basically a heel done just like the toe-with decreases until the heel is large enough, then use kitchener stitch to weave the remaining stitches off.

I like this heel, or the yarn over short row heel if I'm doing the heel in the same yarn as the sock. I never have liked the heel flap/gusset and could never do them right.

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