Monday, November 29, 2010

Almosts done

With a pair of socks I started awhile back, the ones I'm doing in the Bernat Baby Jacquards in I think Petunias-a striping yarn in mostly pinks. I decided to do afterthought heels on them and am at the heel of the second sock, I unzipped the stitches at church yesterday evening while waiting for the services to start. I've had several people admire them while I've been doing them, mostly at church while waiting for class/services to start and they like the color combination. I'm doing the toes and heels in a nice contrasting pale purple, which is also a Bernat baby yarn, but no nylon like the main sock. It's still very soft though, and I hope it holds up under wearing, if not, I'll simply unravel it and add in a heel done in the Jacquards, or another sturdier yarn. That's the great thing about afterthought heels, they can be replaced very easily, especially if they're done in a contrasting color to the main sock.

I also picked up another project that's been sitting around awhile and I can't remember if it was going to be another pair of socks or a pair of fingerless mitts. Since I can't remember, I've decided to go for another pair of mitts since I have a pair of socks in that yarn-Bernat Baby, the pound skein with pale blue/green blotches on white. The socks are very comfortable, so I might still make another pair of socks with this yarn since there's so much of it-perhaps another DK pair, once I finish the other pair I'm doing so I can have those needles. This project is on #3 needles and I don't want to DK with them since I'll likely need to do the heel with a larger needle (if I go with afterthought heels again).

Also, another friend from church who is a crocheter like me, and likes to give me stuff when she digs through her things, gave me a hairpin lace maker. I've been wanting to try hairpin lace, but the doohickey is hard to find. Hers is an old one, but it doesn't really matter as long as all the parts are there, right? I intend to look up projects and different ways to join the strips before I get started, and I hope to be posting about my first project before long, which will likely be something simple, like a wrap/shawl, likely using different leftover yarns from my stash before trying something with matching yarn. One way or another I'll keep you posted.

I always like to get stuff from her because she always gives me vintage patterns, some of which would still work today, or could be reworked to look more modern. She gave me a magazine that has several projects I'd like to make from it-a couple of tops and a skirt set. The magazine looks like it's from the early '70s, but the designs look classic, or at least would still look good if reworked just a bit. I'll have to adjust them anyway since the largest size might be a bit too small for me, nothing more than changing needle sizes and finding comparable yarn, if I can, I don't think most of those yarns called for are being manufactured today, with the exception of Red Heart classic.

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