Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Trying something new

I found a pair of cropped trousers-they could actually be somewhere between cropped trousers and gaucho trousers-when I was cleaning in my sewing room. They're a size 16 and, while I can get into them, they're a might tight. I usually wear an 18 and when I'm sewing, I have to cut out the size 22. Anyway, since the things are also stained pretty badly, I thought I'd pick them apart and make a paper pattern with them since I like the way they're made-apart from the self belt in the front, which I don't have to put in. I got them picked apart and they're just like the shorts pattern I use all the time except the pockets are done differently. There's a front, a back and a pocket to trace onto paper-when I can find some-I'll just have to add on about ⅝" on each side. I like the length so I won't add anything there, I just need to make them just a bit more roomy in the hip and waist. I'll also probably have to add that much onto the straight side of the pocket so it'll fit right and also study it a bit so I can get it back together-I might just keep the other half of them to use as a guide for that since I only picked apart half of it and left the other half sewn together.

Wish me luck.

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