Saturday, December 31, 2005

I have a grandson

Born two months early and on Christmas day. He's 3.6 pounds and 16" of wriggly, beautiful baby. He was born by C-section and everything is going well, Jen is home and has had her staples removed, Joseph is off oxygen and breathing on his own, now they can concentrate on getting his weight up and getting him on a bottle. They're feeding him through a tube right now, until he can take a bottle.

I guess I better break out my Shortie Sleeper pattern and make some full sleepers for him. I'll have to go down a hook size to make sure it's small enough and make the legs/sleeves longer. I don't think I can find any clothes his size in stores unless I find a specialty store that charges an arm/leg for their stuff. I might break out my sewing machine and sew him some flannel sleepers too, just make sure he has enough things until he gets big enough to wear the clothes they already have for him.

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Kathy said...

Congratulations Grandma! I'm glad mother and son are doing well.

Jewels said...

Congratulations Chatty.

Chatty said...

Thank you, ladies :)

He's starting to put on some weight now, if they can get him to take a bottle he'll probably put it on faster.

schcrochet said...

Congrats on being a grandma. I surfed over from Crochetville Cathedral Afghan Thread.

I've joined so many blogs I forget which ones I have passwords for and which ones I don't. Blogger and Blogspot also confuse me. Are they the same?

Love the sleeper, and choice of colors. Sleepers get messy so easily and get changed so frequently, have you fund making such a pretty one worthwhile? Don't mean to be sarcastic, but wondered your thoughts on that. No little ones to do this for, but was thinnking about donations. Am unsure if this would be a good use often item.
Thanks for your input and willingness to share your patterns.

Chatty said...

I made it from washable yarn so that it could be washed. It's just a plain sc sleeper that could use any baby sport yarn.

I'm not offended, that is a good question. You could make it for donations if you like, that's why I put the pattern out there.

Try different yarns and colors and find out what suits you.