Tuesday, December 06, 2005

It's frosty out

I had to start DH's truck this morning so the windshield could thaw before he went to work. It's around 28-30F outside and everything is covered in a blanket of frost.

DH commented that he wished he had a ski cap because he works outside so after he got to work I did a search at CPC and found a perfect cap that I'm working on right now. The Ribbed Ski Cap at Dot's looks like it'll fit the bill. I'm using a J instead of K hook since DH's head is slightly smaller than mine and I'm using RHSS Aran Fleck from my stash since my camo is in use. I'm working my way down the forehead right now and it's going pretty quickly.

Will post a pic as soon as it's done and I can get DH to model it for me.

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