Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I think I got my groove back

For a few weeks there I just didn't want to crochet or actually do anything at all. I was depressed over something and was feeling really down, maybe the heat and humidity around here had a lot to do with it too but I just didn't want to do anything. Maybe I had just gotten burned out on crocheting for awhile, I guess I'll never really know for sure.

It didn't help that I had to rip my doily swap doily back 3 rows when I was trying to finish it but when I did I guess it felt so good to finish something again that I finally started wanting to crochet again

I've picked up the roses again, I only have 2 more colors in the roses to finish then I can get to the other rounds of the squares and start putting it together. I'll be working on it pretty much exclusively since it will now have to be mailed off and I want to finish it quickly to make up for the time I wasn't working on anything.

After that I think other than the winter scarf for the swap I just joined will be the only new project I start until I get some of my others finished. I really need to work better on being as good a finisher as I am a starter.

Anyone else out there like that?


Jewels said...

The doily you received in the swap is quite beautiful, and welcome back to blogging.

Chatty said...

Thank you, on both counts :)