Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I'm kind of embarrassed

I finally got my doily for the doily swap finished this morning. I was 5 rounds from finishing it when things got really busy last week and I couldn't pick it up much. I probably still could have finished it if I hadn't noticed 3 rounds back that I'd skipped a round so I had to frog 3 whole rounds.

I used a multicolor thread and I hope my partner likes it, her preferences are lighter colors so I hope these aren't too bright for her. I didn't get a picture of it before I packed it so maybe she has a camera, I'd have to dig around for mine since it's been awhile since I've taken any pics with it. The package will go out this afternoon when I have to run out and pick Ricky up from work, the post office is on the way and I'll save gas that way-the way the prices are nowadays you don't want to waste any with unnecessary driving.

I haven't even updated this thing all August, this is my first post this month, I'll try to update more often, I've just been busy and a little depressed but I'm getting better.

I do have to get going on the rose afghan now and finish it up so I can get going on the cats afghan for my grandbaby.

Updates later when I start putting the roses together.

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