Saturday, September 07, 2013

The things we notice

When we're watching a tv show or a movie. That is, it depends on your hobby or interest. Mine happens to be crafting. Specifically, knitting and crocheting, not necessarily in that order.

When you're an avid crafter, whether or not you make a lot of things or just a few things a year, you begin to notice things when you watch tv, and not necessarily anything having to do with the plot.

For instance, one of the tv stations ran Wayne's World yesterday and I couldn't help but notice the afghan on the couch they used during their broadcast. It's made out of large hexagons, each in a different color. I focused on that to the point that I googled images of Wayne's World to find a still of it. Then I tried making one. After several failed attempts, I got something similar by using clusters and chain spaces. I got an eight inch across motif out of some blue.

Now I'm determined to make a similar afghan by rummaging through my yarn and using whatever I find. I know it won't be just like it, but since that's what inspired it, I think I'll call it Wayne's World Inspired Afghan, or WWIA.

Now, onto other things. I knit and crochet both, so when, in an early season one episode of CSI: NY, a lady at a dog show told Mac that she had knitted the afghan in her lap for her dog I immediately said "No way did she knit that." It was a granny square afghan, and you can only get granny squares by crocheting them. The prop person obviously wasn't a knitter or a crocheter or they would have at least acquired a knitted afghan for the lady to brag about. I'm pretty sure most people didn't see that goof, but I did and was very amused by it. A quick look at the ep "Recycling" on Imdb shows that someone else did. I'm glad I'm not the only one who saw it.

Now, every time I watch tv (which isn't often anymore since most stuff is boring these days) I tend to notice when an actor/actress is wearing a handknit/crocheted item, and I will sometimes look up pictures of it (or attempt to), to see if I could possibly duplicate it. I've seen hats, vests, sweaters, scarves, etc.

You know it's bad when you're more interested in props/costumes than you are in the show itself...

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Anonymous said...

Your blog might be one of the best things I have ever read. I am not talking about the quality of it, I couldn't tell, I don't do much crafts. Reading it made me very, very happy. Finding people like you, who just go on their day in such a happy way and do what they love is amazing. This made me very happy.

Thank you for being you. Really, should be proud, your damn good at it.