Wednesday, September 04, 2013


You know, just when you think you've seen it all, along comes something you haven't seen. Or, just when you find a favorite heel method, along comes another method that's just 'that' much better.

What am I speaking of?

Fish Lips Kiss Heel

Funny name for a gorgeous heel. The pattern is only $1, and since I had a couple dollars in my paypal, I bought it today. I haven't tried it yet, naturally, but after reading it and checking the pic tutorial at the end, it looks like this is going to be my new favorite heel. Now all I'll need is to make some cardboard feet.

The only thing that bugged me about short row heels doing them with YOs, is that it left a ridge of sts inside the sock that I could sometimes feel. This method doesn't use any kind of extra stitches and it looks like it would be easy to do once you memorize the method.

Of course, I have been knitting for most of my life, so just about anything would be easy to me once I've done it at least once or twice, but still, even beginner sock knitters should be able to do this. For them, I would recommend the linked videos from the pattern. Or I'll just provide them here.

Sox Therapist

That will take you to her two vid tutorials for the short row method she uses in her sock heels.

Seriously, this pattern is worth it if you make a lot of socks. You can use it on any sock pattern and throw away the heel flap/gussets forever.

Then people will start asking you where you bought your socks at ;)

Seriously, I would be flattered if someone asked me that.

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