Monday, July 01, 2013

I give up

Yeah, I posted that I wanted to do a pair of socks using the double knit method on dpns. Well, I quit.

Knitting is supposed to be fun, double knitting socks is not. I hadn't even gotten the 12 rounds of ribbing done before I started running into trouble, culminating in two needles somehow getting pulled out of the stitches. And once I pulled the two socks apart, I also had crossed yarns.

Therefore, I have concluded that the knitting Goddess does not want me to do double knit socks. Therefore, I have started a pair of toe-up socks instead using the yarn I was using for the double knit ones, Bernat Softee Baby in Sweet n Sunny.. I'm going to use the Tadpole pattern, which is one of my favorite sock patterns to do because the pattern is easy, yet not mindless and boring. Yes, I know this pattern is done top down, but it's easily done toe-up too, the pattern will just swirl up instead of down. Neat, huh?

I used a provisional cast-on, using a length of crochet chain and picked up half the number of stitches I would need, which was 32. I then made a short row toe using the YO method, which is m favorite method of doing short rows. I'm not up to the foot, have frogged the crochet chain to expose the live stitches and have started the tadpole pattern. One word of advice. You will always have one less stitch on the newly-exposed stitches than you need, so you'll have to m1 to get the correct number of stitches. Easy enough to do on the end. That way, you have 16 stitches on each of four needles for a five needle set (which I recommend). Otherwise, you could also use two circular needles. It would be possible to do both socks on the circulars, you'd just have to do each toe separately, then proceed to do both together.

Anyway, as I said at the beginning, I've given up on doing double knit socks, I'll stick to the tried and true methods that don't have nearly the opportunities for errors as that method does. I prefer to have fun with my knitting, and that's what I'm gonna do from now on.

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