Thursday, July 04, 2013

Found a new hat pattern

Well, the pattern is new to me.  I found while browsing other patterns like I do on occasion, and I ran across this one:

Braid-Edge Hat

I've started one in dark blue Simply Soft yarn and another in a dark red RHSS. The pattern is not difficult and is giving me practice in making cables without cable needles.

What is cables without cable needles? Exactly what it says. Here's the link:

Cable without cable needles

As I said, the pattern is not difficult and you should memorize the repeat by the end of the first one. I did make one adjustment-I'm using stitch markers so I don't have to do so much counting. One marks where the braid goes and the other marks the short rows so I don't have to count stitches. It makes for much easier and faster knitting of this pattern.

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