Monday, January 03, 2011

Operation Christmas Child

What do you do for children who have nothing? Children who are born in poverty in other countries?

Operation Christmas Child

Our church joined this drive several years ago and our donations have steadily increased. This past Christmas we sent off 270 boxes and this year our goal will be 500, almost double.

A funny thing happened in Sunday School this past Sunday. Our teacher handed out bookmarks (His wife oversees this charity). They'll be gathering stuff all year for this and I noticed in March is when they'll be gathering scarves, hats and gloves. I got the idea to start crocheting scarves since it doesn't take long to make a child's scarf, and when I got downstairs after class a lady came up to me and said she was going to bring me some old yarn that evening. I decided I would use that to make the scarves with since I can't afford to buy yarn, and I went to the director and told her about it. She's going to appeal to the congregation next Sunday to donate any scrap yarn that any of the yarn-workers might have (or just donate yarn period if they want to buy some), plus she said she had some in her children's church classroom that I could go through and use. I also just appealed to a crochet BBS for anyone who might want to make a scarf/donate scraps that I would give them my address if they would PM me. I don't know how well that will do, but it never hurts to try, just let God have the reins and see whose heart he touches. Any yarn I receive in this manner will be set aside for this project, even if I don't use it all, I'll have it for the next batch, and the one after that.

Now, I have quite a large number of granny squares to unravel so I can start making scarves.

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