Saturday, May 26, 2007

Back in a sock groove

Maybe I'll actually finish a pair. I'm actually experimenting a bit with a couple of different ways to make them.

I'm going to try two socks on one circular needle as soon as I find some sock yarn I like-I think I might like that method because I can do an entire pair and not have to worry about SSS. OTOH, I'm also a start-stopper because I like to start something and then put it aside so unless it's something I REALLY want to finish it's liable to be a UFO for quite some time-until I decide to finish or frog ;)

I'm also trying a toe up sock with an afterthought heel. I'm using Caron SS in a baby varigated and making the toe, heel and leg ribbing in a pale yellow. I'm knitting this one in the round on DPNs size three. I have the toe done and have started on the instep-I'll let you know when I get to the heel. Even with the size three needles the fabric is still pretty soft, considering they suggest using size eight. If I like this method I might adopt it for the two socks on one circular when I find the right sock yarn.

Before I try the two socks, I'm practicing Magic Loop by making a basic fingerless mitt with some cotton/wool sock yarn I came across and only bought one ball. I should be able to get a pair out of it and I just couldn't see this colorway as a sock anyway. I'm almost done with the first one and will take a picture when it is. By the time I make the second I should be proficient enough at Magic Loop to try the two socks.

If I actually finish a pair, or even one sock, I'll post a picture for your enjoyment-or to mock-as you see fit :D


Beverly said...

I came across your blog while searching for something else. I've just recently gotten into sock making. I've made two pair on dpn's with ww yarn. They came out okay, but I'd like to make some using sock yarn. I also have come across the idea of using two circular needles for making both socks at once and the toe-up method. But, I haven't tried it yet. Like you, I don't like the figure eight cast on. For me, it's too difficult to do that first row. Getting the needle in there can be a real challenge.

But, as I'm a beginner, I'd appreciate it if you let me know how and what you're doing because I'd like to learn from your experiences (if you don't mind.

Chatty said...

I haven't done the socks on the circular, but like in my most recent post since I've neglected this thing, I'm doing some on dpns. I actually like using dpns, they're easy for me, it's just doing one sock at a time that gets me sometimes.

Keep at it and don't be afraid to experiment-sock yarn isn't hard to work with-I did a pair on #2 dpns and love them. I do like to make thicker socks though, so I'm switching to #3 needles and WW yarn.

As I said-don't be afraid to experiment-failures can be ripped and redone ;)