Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Another Pineapple Shawl

I started myself another Pineapple Shawl

For those who haven't heard, when you use yarn, a big hook and this doily pattern, you get a beautiful, comfortable shawl that's really warm. The last two I made were made from LB Homespun and the shawls turned out soft and comfy but it also takes about 5-6 skeins of it to do one, depending on your hook size and that can get on the expensive side when you have a tight budget like I do.

This one I'm making out of RHSS in Amethyst. I know there are a lot of yarn snobs out there who turn their noses up at RH, I don't. I know it's on the scratchy side and a little rough but if you wash your project and use fabric softener-liquid or dryer sheets-your project will be soft. I'm hoping to only use two skeins for the shawl but we'll see, I bought 3 of a pretty varigated to make one for a friend of mine who borrowed my Homespun one Sunday and liked it. She can't afford Homespun either and I can't at this time so I found a varigated in SS that should make a shawl that will go with just about anything she wears.

Anyway, we'll see how they turn out, they don't take too long to do, maybe a couple of evenings hard work.

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