Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Bernat Softee Baby told me what it wanted to be

Well, not literally, wouldn't want people thinking that I think my yarn speaks to me. In a way it does, if it doesn't want to be what I'm trying to make it to be then for some reason I can't get the pattern right to save my life.

Case: I've been trying to do a knit feather and fan afghan out of this yarn and about the time I think I get it right I still have it wrong. I've never frogged something so much in my life!

Anyway, I've started Joseph a Serafina Shawl. I'm using an H hook and it's looking very nice. After one false start (cause I still have to read the instructions for the first couple of rows) it's going along really well, a lot better than the knit afghan.

A shawl for a little boy? All babies look adorable wrapped in a shawl and this one will be mint green with the silver thread running through it and be light enough to use just about anytime.

I'm still determined to knit a feather and fan afghan, I just have to get the yarn that tells me it wants to be knit ;)

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