Saturday, February 25, 2006

Trying something I've never tried before

No, it isn't anything terribly exciting, I'm trying a knitting style I've never tried before-knitting a Moebius Scarf

Anyone knows what a Moebius strip is-a circle with only one side and one edge because it's been put together with a half-twist. I'm doing this scarf in the round with no seams to join. The technique is unusual and the first round is/will be a little slow and difficult, I just hope I can keep all my stitches on the needle as I go around.

Anyway, more on this when I get further than just starting, I'm not even halfway around the first round yet.

Editing to add: I found this person's instructions to be slightly easier to follow so I'm doing it this way, it's a bit faster and easier to get to the bottom strands.

I'm still not sure which stitch pattern I'm going to try when I get this first round done but I'm leaning towards the seed stitch which will look the same on both sides and is very easy to do, even if you are a beginner knitter, which I'm not, I just never tried this before. I also will need to dig out a safety pin to use for a marker when the time comes.

More later.

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