Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I'm curious

For any knitters who read this blog-what is your favorite knitting needles to use and why?

For myself, I'm liking the circular needle for a variety of reasons.

Knitting in the round-no seams, very little sewing.
Knitting afghans in one piece-you can get a ton of stitches on a circular, especially the longer ones and you don't misplace a needle because they're attached to each other.
You can use two of them to knit small things in the round, there are a couple of websites that show how to do this, including doing socks. I still like my dpn for socks and one day might finish the ones I have on the needles but for a change of pace, doing them on two circulars is interesting.

I think I'm going to end up getting sets of circulars in different lengths. I do like the bamboo ones because the stitches don't slip off the needles as badly as they do on the aluminum circulars or straight ones. I don't think I'd get bamboo in straight needles, I'd be too afraid i'd break them but the circulars are nice.

One other thing, how are the rosewood needles to knit on? I don't think I could ever afford to get any but I am curious how they knit and might get a pair just to see.

This is just me being curious, I hang around cats too much, LOL.

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