Monday, January 30, 2006


I've finished a couple of hats and am making another one.

One is a beret that I made up and the other is the Claire Modern Flapper Hat by Yarn Cat. I really like that one and might make some more. I didn't put the flower on it, just left it plain and like it like that. I might put a pin on it or something if I feel like dressing it up.

The other one I'm working on is another beret in a different color. I really like them, you can wear them with just about anything-dressy or casual. I wore mine to church Sunday and severaly people really liked it. When they found out I'd made it they said they didn't think they would have the talent to do something like it-a beginner could just about do it, it's just the band that's a bit complicated-I used Dot's method of making an attached ribbed band but I would bet with a bit of practice a beginner could do it.

Anyway, soon as I can get pics I'll post them, just thought I'd share some news.

The Roses afghan is coming along too, gonna work on it starting tomorrow.

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