Friday, July 01, 2005

More wristwarmers

I thought I'd try a different yarn to see how they would look, I'm knitting this pair with size 8(US) needles and Bernat Frenzy in Black Blast. If they turn out good, I might post the pattern in my pattern blog, I'm using the same method the crochet ones used only I'm using garter st since they're knitted side to side and the ribbing wouldn't be going the right way.

This yarn is hard to see the sts, that's why I'm only using garter st, the yarn will add the pizazz, if you've seen Frenzy you'll know what I mean.


Jewels said...

I'd sure try your knit wristwarmer - sounds like a good beginner project?

Chatty said...

It would be a good beginner project if you used regular yarn where you could see the stitches.

The Frenzy is hard to see anything when you use it.

I still need to practice with it, the first one wasn't right and I'm not sure how to frog it since I have it sewn together.