Thursday, January 21, 2016

Why I like circular knitting needles even for straight knitting

It's simple. Circular needles hold more stitches than even fourteen inch straight needles. A twenty four inch circular needle will hold a couple of hundred stitches without dropping them.

Also, the needle ends are shorter, so they don't catch on chair arms or my long sleeves. They're more portable and don't poke through my bag as often as straight needles. They're more comfortable to hold than longer straight needles.

If I want to make socks/slippers in the round, I can use one very long circular needle or two shorter circular needles together, which makes them more convenient than dpns. They're more portable because you can slide the project down onto the cord(s) and it stays there.

So, in my opinion, for any kind of knitting, circular needles are superior to straight needles in every way possible. Others may disagree with me, but that's all right.

Knitting is an art, the knitter is the artist. The yarn is the medium and the needles are the brushes and we make beautiful things. There is no wrong way to knit. There is just each individual who knits in the manner that suits them best.

I have my preferences for crocheting too. I prefer plastic, acrylic or bamboo hooks because they're warmer to hold than aluminum. Yarns, I prefer to use Red Heart or other acrylics, not only because they're cheaper than wool, but because it's washable and dryable. These days, acrylics are much softer than their older counterparts, and some are even as soft as wool. I have nothing against wool and do use it when I can get it or afford it, but I have to use what's available in my area. I don't have a credit card to be able to buy online, not that I have the funds to pay off the credit card, which is why I don't have a credit card.

So don't diss my preferences, just knit or crochet in the way that's most suitable to you and allow me the same courtesy.

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