Saturday, September 27, 2014

Speed Knitting/Crocheting

This I am not. But there are some out there who are. People who knit or crochet at such a blinding speed that the normal eye cannot keep up with it. Now, I'm not criticizing this, I'm just acknowledging it. I would never criticize another style that's different from mine, just as I would expect someone else not to criticize my style. But that's another subject entirely.

Me, I like to knit and crochet at a more sedate pace. I will never be able to knit or crochet at Olympian-like speed, and I don't want to. Knitting and crocheting is very relaxing to me and I don't think it's very relaxing to be knitting or crocheting at a speed that would make a NASCAR driver envious. But, if you're one of these, and you find it relaxing, then that's great.

As an example. I once looked up entralec (probably didn't spell that right) knitting videos, and while one such video described what to do perfectly, her hands moved so fast that I couldn't see what she was doing. It exhausted me just to watch it.

I think I'll call these types of people the hares. You know, like in the tortoise and the hare story? Me, I'm a tortoise. I'll get to the finish line....eventually. But I don't expect I'll ever keep up with the hares. Frankly, I'd like to sit and watch one knit a sock at that blinding speed. Or crochet one, for that matter.

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