Saturday, September 08, 2012

Working on a pattern

It's based on a familiar quilt block pattern called Log Cabin. I'm trying out various configurations and writing them down, along with a few variations on each one. When I'm finished I'll try to add it to my Ravelry account as a free download (never tried that before, so thought I would with this.).

I have three different variations on the pattern, making about a 5-1/2" square (though one could make it larger by adding in a third round of rectangles.). I'm going to keep making small squares until I get enough to make a throw.

And don't you crocheters feel left out, the patterns will transfer easily to crochet and I'll have that written up too.

Don't hold your breath though, I'm notoriously slow. I may have the pattern out faster than I normally work, but the afghan will take awhile.

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