Friday, April 13, 2012

Doily Baby blanket

I just finished  this earlier this morning and thought I'd share it. I used my blackberry so it isn't the clearest of pictures, but you can see it well enough. That's my little grandson Noah showing off the blanket.

The pattern is called Doily Baby Blanket and I have the pattern in a Red Heart booklet I got from my mom. Now Red Heart has made the blanket a free pattern and it can be found here:

Doily Baby Blanket

So if anyone is interested in making one, you can give it a whirl. I used some old yarn I was given, and the gauge was almost the same as the pattern called for. The final measurement I got was 44-1/2" in diameter instead of 43", so not bad, just a bit bigger.

It will make a nice lapghan, bed decoration or even baby blanket. The pattern is quite simple and only took me a little over two days of straight crocheting. Yes, I have time to sit and crochet almost all day, I babysit the babies while parents work. It could be a nice weekend project when you have nothing else to do and nowhere to go or to be.

Oh, and the two colors are Blue Velvet from Yarns Brunswick (Windrush) and Hot Red from RHSS, which looks like a nice reddish-orange. The Blue Velvet looks like a dark teal.

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