Friday, December 01, 2006

Trying something

I made the angel part with some Lion Wool and an H hook. I stopped at the point where it said to stop for a pin. Now I'm running it through the wash to see how it felts. It'll be my first felted object, though a pretty small one. It only takes a couple of minutes to make-5 at most, I'd say.

I wanted to try it and see how small it'll get, I want to make a felted pin. If it works I might make some more for some of the ladies at church to wear when we do our Christmas Cantata in a couple of weeks. I know I could make them from thread in about the same amount of time and if it doesn't turn out like I hoped I might still do that but a felted one would be more-wintry-I guess you could say, since we wear a lot of wool in winter.

I'll keep you all posted, it's in the wash right now.

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