Wednesday, November 15, 2006

More dyeing experience

I've recently discovered the fun that is creating your own yarn colorways. Since I found Lion Wool at our local W-M I've been trying it out. I had to do two balls the same to avoid SSS and I have another ball cooking right now.

I mixed Berry Blue with Tropical Punch in one jar, two cherrys in another, two lemonades in another and two strawberries in another. The first one has an interesting shade of purple that I can't wait to see how it turns out when dried. The strawberry looks like it's going to be a deep red and the cherry looks like it's going to be a bright red. There's some bleedover from the cherry and strawberry into the lemonade so there will be some orange spots there, I'm sure.

This will be pretty close to self-striping since I wound a hank about 9 feet long but with the bleedover from the jars there will also be some surprise spots-good, I like surprises and consistency scares me-most of the time ;)

Anyway, pics will be forthcoming when it's all cooked and hanging.

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