Thursday, May 11, 2006

As you can see

If you also peek at my sidebar, I've finished the blue crochet socks. I will have a pic up later when I can get socks and camera in the same house.

There's a little bit of discrepancy in them, I made the cuff smaller since the first sock's cuff was a bit big then I made the heel and foot just like the first sock but I think my gauge was off because the foot's a little too small, not so small as to make me want to frog it, it's just a hair too small. I'll probably just mostly wear them around the house anyway so why go to a lot of trouble if it isn't bothering me?

Anyway, I at least thought you people would like an update post.

I will be making more like this later, when I finish some of the stuff you see on the sidebar.

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